New Packaging for 2012

For many years I have had a dream of using corrugated card board in my packaging design. I didn’t have a clear vision; I just knew I wanted to see corrugated card board on a box, bag, business card, anything that directly linked to my jewelry.

This year I decided it was time to make that dream a reality. I purchased a roll of corrugated card board and eagerly awaited its arrival. The day it came I was in love and had no idea what to do with it.

I sat the cardboard on my workbench and looked at it for a few weeks. I made a “Packaging Love” board on Pinterest, full of packaging using corrugated card board. I found lots of great ideas but still not one that was my own.

I rolled many ideas around, calculating labor time and additional material cost, all the little things that have to be considering when running a production based business.

Finally it came to me, a corrugated card board sleeve for my gift boxes. I made the first one and had no doubt that it was what I wanted. I stapled 100 sleeves and placed them on my jewelry boxes.

Then I glued the labels on and to me they were absolutely beautiful. What was more beautiful though, was the 100 finished boxes spread out on my kitchen table.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment in this project. Just looking at the boxes and holding them in my hands gets my heart pumping a little faster.

I look forward to hearing what my customers have to say. My hopes are they will find a moment of excitement when they hold these gift boxes as well. And that the excitement increases when they open the box.

If you would like to share your comments I would love to hear them.



About Mountain Light Jewelry

My name is Carly Burke and I am a jewelry artist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. I turned my hobby into a business September 2009 and have enjoyed using mostly copper and argentium silver wire and semi precious stones to create unique wearable art. I have also appreciated the challenge of jewelry photography, marketing, selling and learning to be a salesman.
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6 Responses to New Packaging for 2012

  1. Pat Guilliams (Mom2) says:

    I love them! What a lovely idea!

  2. alita marie mcmanis king says:

    great! so good to see your success blossom!

  3. Anne Bernard says:

    Very innovative Carly! You have a great attitude, I’m sure it will pay off bigtime!

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