Knitting, My New Hobby

Last Fall at a craft show, a lady came into my booth and said, “Oh what a nice hobby you have.” This statement shocked me and after I regained my composure I told her, “This is not a hobby, this is how I pay my bills.” I have had other similar statements but none that struck me like this one.

Since then, I have put much thought into what a hobby is and what a hobby would be for me. I have many creative projects going but they all relate to my jewelry business in some way, so I don’t consider those projects to be hobbies. Some people say that reading is a hobby but I don’t agree, reading seems more like something everyone does or should do. Drawing or painting could be a hobby but not in my world, I view those as exercises that keep my creative juices flowing and my designs fresh.

When I think hobby, I think of something that is not necessary for my daily existence. A hobby to me seems more like something you do that feeds your soul, relaxes you, and something that does not have to be done but something that you want to do. A hobby is that little treat that you give yourself after a day of work, that little AHH moment that makes you feel like you are indulging yourself in a special way.

Well I have found my indulgence, the thing that speaks to my creative heart, the thing that keeps my busy hands moving, the thing that relaxes and gives me that little AHH moment, my hobby. That wonderful thing is knitting!

I have longingly watched women with their beautiful yarn and knitting needles and I have desperately wanted to join their club! Knitting has been teasing me for a while and I decided this past Fall I was going to buy myself a set of knitting needles and learn to knit this winter.

The first weekend in December I treated myself to a set of knitting needles for myself and my daughter. The owner of the shop (Woolly Jumper Yarns) was awesome, she took the time to show me a few things and told me Youtube would refresh what I forgot as soon as I walked out the door.

Thanks to Woolly Jumper Yarns, Youtube, yarn from the thrift store that my daughter picked out and my knitting needles, I am now knitting! The project I am working on was begun to teach my daughter how to knit, she wasn’t into it so I took the project over. So my first scarf project is being created with knitting needles for children; they have cute little cat heads that smile at me as I knit. These needles intended for children and the fun yarn my daughter wanted are really making me happy.

Once I got the hang of it I have found knitting to be extremely relaxing. I sit, knit and loose all concept of time. My shoulders relax, my breath deepens and it is like a working meditation. Knitting is speaking to my soul, it is speaking to my creative heart, and I have found it to be highly addictive. It is hard to put down and once I get into the rhythm I am gone, away to my happy place.

I am so glad to say that I have a hobby and that my hobby is knitting! I have wanted to make something that is not for profit for a long time and I found my thing. My first project is for my daughter, the next will be for a friend, I think my mom is deserving of something, then maybe something for myself, and then… yep, I love knitting.


About Mountain Light Jewelry

My name is Carly Burke and I am a jewelry artist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. I turned my hobby into a business September 2009 and have enjoyed using mostly copper and argentium silver wire and semi precious stones to create unique wearable art. I have also appreciated the challenge of jewelry photography, marketing, selling and learning to be a salesman.
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2 Responses to Knitting, My New Hobby

  1. Pat Guilliams (Mom2) says:

    Knitting is indeed an addictive thing, in a good way! The scarf looks very professional and I like the choice of colors.

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