Business of Crafts Institute

I spent the day in Galax, VA, at The Business of Crafts Institutes workshop series offered through Round the Mountain index.php hosted by The Chestnut Creek School for the Arts  It was a great information filled day!  I sat through three lectures; two were presented by Bruce Baker, an accomplished jeweler and lecturer.  The first was Salesmanship and the second was Booth Design and Merchandising.

The lecture on salesmanship was definitely the one I needed to hear the most.  There have been aspects of sales that have been awkward for me, and I was unsure of how to change them, but now I know!  One of those awkward moments for me has been the greeting.  I always greet the customer with a “hello” and a “how are you” or “what a beautiful day.”  It never felt right and usually led no where!  My new greeting that I will be trying out this weekend will go a little something more like, “Hi, my name is Carly Burke, and all the jewelry you see here was created by me in my home studio in Floyd, Va.”  Or “Hi, my name is Carly, I am the jewelry artist and if you have any questions I am here to answer them.”

Another line that I will be working out this coming weekend is what to say when I receive a compliment for my work.  Up until this point I have always given a gracious “Thank you!” when someone compliments my jewelry or display.  We were told through this lecture that the “thank you” is saved for once you have closed the deal and finalized the sale.  So now when I hear “You jewelry is lovely!”  I can now respond with,  “I am glad that you appreciate my art.”  or “Yes, I have a lot of fun producing what you see here.”

Those are only a few of the things that I will be putting into play.  I have pages of notes that I will be reviewing, websites that I will be checking out, shows that I will be looking into, blogs that I will be reading, and people that I met that I will be following up with on ideas we talked about.  Ah, and tomorrow a day back in the studio to make the jewelry that drives this train that I ride!  70% making and 30% marketing it will be the goal!  And that is another thing that I learned today, and that is the minimum!  60/40-50/50 is something to strive for!


About Mountain Light Jewelry

My name is Carly Burke and I am a jewelry artist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. I turned my hobby into a business September 2009 and have enjoyed using mostly copper and argentium silver wire and semi precious stones to create unique wearable art. I have also appreciated the challenge of jewelry photography, marketing, selling and learning to be a salesman.
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